Advise Kitty

For over 2 years Advice Kitty has been roaming SecondLife searching all types of sims and talking to avatars with various experiences.

Many have expressed real life challenges in SecondLife that cause issues in both lives. Due to the nature of SecondLife many have not felt comfortable seeking outside help or advice. Advice Kitty specializes in issues pertaining to the unique world of SecondLife.

Advice Kitty is actually a mixed gendered panel of writers with decades of combined SecondLife experience. Advice Kitty is for entertainment purposes only. All entries are subject to modification for brevity, grammar and punctuation corrections to make you look smarter if necessary.

Ask a question…
Dump your stuff…
Share an SL experience that may help someone else.

1. Complete a notecard with your question
2. Drop it off to: AdviceKitty

All entries are anonymous unless explicitly stated otherwise.
(Yes, cruising for dates is fine with Advice Kitty too)

Entries and answers are published in : Virtual You Magazine

Read more at:


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