The Slave Girl’s Dance

Trembling, the desert girl steps gingerly into the dance pit, the warm sand pushing between her delicate toes. She glances with frightened dark eyes at the men, quickly lowering her gaze to the floor.
The soft light folds about her glistening body as she moves, warming her skin.
Her heart flutters. Her eyelids flicker closed and the music, carried on the night’s hot air, seeps through her and into her veins and bones.
She begins to move, her hips undulating to the beat, her hands floating upon the unseen wind as if caressing an imaginary lover.

The girl’s hot blood stirs the fire deep within. Her stomach is tied in knots as she passionately seeks to please the brave, strong men before her.
Her silken hands move seductively up her strong thighs, her long, lustrous fingernails leaving small scratches in the skin.
As her sweet heat grows, her body gives off a fragrance of musk and desire that floats across the darkened room, tantalizing all who take it in.
A small film of sweat begins to emerge, giving her body a sensual sheen.
The girl turns softly on her heel, her scanty silks slipping between her velvet legs. Her dark tresses brush against bare shoulders, tingling her skin. Dangling earrings sparkle as they caress her neck.

She moves her small hands to her waist, pressing down as she bends and stoops, as if trying to keep the wildness of her body in bondage.
Her fingers grip the silken ropes around her waist, curl into them, twist them, secure her to the dance. In response, her back arches.
Her heart pounds and she begins to breathe heavier, her round, full breasts rising and falling with each panting breath, her nipples dark and hard.

Releasing the ropes, her hands slide up her firm midriff and rest beneath those breasts, pushing them up and out as her hips continue to sway. She bends her knees and slowly lowers her body into a squat, her legs spread open wide, inviting, her head thrown back. Again, she glances up and then down, keenly aware of the gaze of the men around her, feeling their looks crawl across her skin, feeling them touching and probing her with the fingers of their eyes.

She rises, first on one leg and then on the other, swaying back and then forth like a ship cradled and rocked by the pounding sea. Her hands move over the now sensitive breasts, her fingers pinching the nipples softly, then harder, then harder still, sending a bolt of electricity down her back. Her knees weaken as she groans.

Her hands rise higher, slipping like a living collar around her vulnerable neck. She holds them there a moment, reveling in the sensation, as her sex begin to throb and her hips to thrust back and forth. Her hands rise higher, fingers flowing through thick dark hair, grasping it, tangling in it, pulling her head back as she continues to move about the sand.

She spreads her arms wide, opening her body, as she begins to spin about.

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