LL Still Thinks It’s a Good Idea?

Why investing on a new project when you already have one that runs well and definitely makes you a profit. Why not investing on your exiting one, improve it for your users and bring them the result you wish to offer based on your potential new plans. Is success guaranteed if you launch any new project, not considering any risk that might affect your existing one?

Thar She Blows!

VR Quite a chilling aspect, not?

This whole Project Sansar and Virtual Reality stuff? To scavenge precious resources in money and manpower away from SL and bet the whole company on an unsure thing that only appeals to an even smaller niche market than SL ever did?

May I remind CEO Ebbe that SL is still a profitable businesss and that it would be clever and make much more sense to finally find out how their clientele ticks and how they can make SL better instead of betting on the next dead horse. Read the story and weep:

… VR will become a niche of the hardcore gamer niche (i.e. mostly dudes) …

OTOH it’s quite cool. Let them little boys play with their expensive tools while we girls are building worlds and societies from prims in virtual worlds.

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  1. orcaflotta says:

    Hey, thx very much for reblogging my quasi reblog of an NWN story. Much appreciated.

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